Thursday, 11 October 2012

APA essay

Writing an APA essay does not have to be a frustrating process. Once you have understood the requirements of writing an APA essay it becomes enjoyable. To ensure that your APA essay is of high academic standard, you have to be very cautious. Coming up with a good APA essay is all about paying extra attention to details.
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Going through a number of APA sample essays will also help a great deal. APA sample essays will help you to learn the rules faster. All APA sample essays will not necessarily be the same. This is because the APA sample essays have all been written by persons affiliated to different academic institutions and normally this causes those variations.
However, like any other academic essay there are some major rules that apply to every essay written using APA.
  1. Every paper written in APA must have a title page. This is the first page that normally contains the title of the essay, the name of the writer and sometimes their department and faculty. You will notice that different academic institutions will have different styles of doing their cover page in APA. However the title and the identification of the writer will always appear on this page. Therefore find out from the academic institution you are affiliated to, what their preferred style is.
  2. An APA essay should have an abstract. This is a broad overview of what the essay is all about. It normally comes after the cover page. Here, the main points that are discussed within the paper are mentioned in brief. 
  3. When writing an essay it is therefore advisable to write this part last so that you do not leave out any main point.
  4.   The main body is also another important part. It is normally subdivided according to the main ideas and given subtitles. This makes the essay an easy read. You can know what the writer is talking about by perusing the subtitles. Every new idea within the subtitles is normally presented in a new paragraph. There are also rules about citation that normally guide the writer.
  5. The conclusion can appear once at the end of the essay or after every chapter. This will depend on the length of the essay. However, the essay should never end without a conclusion.
  6.  At the end of your essay, you must have a bibliography. This is sometimes referred to as the reference list and it contains all the academic sources you have quoted within the text.
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