Friday, 12 October 2012

APA style title page.

It is quite a challenge to cast on stone the items that should appear on the APA style title page. Different people and scholars draft and write their APA style title page differently. It is equally hard to pick a particular APA style title page and declare it the benchmark. However, there are some certain basic rules about an APA style title page that remain constant no matter what modifications there may be.
An APA essay has to abide by the rules to the end. When writing an APA essay you should never apply the rues of another academic writing style. The APA essay has to be consistent in following the guidelines of the style to the end. If the APA essay is not consistent it will be considered sub standard.
The title page is the first impression that you give your reader about your work. Ensure that you inquire from your supervisor what the key requirements are for the particular institution you are affiliated to. However, here are some of the most common items that you will find on an APA cover page.
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  • The title
The title has to appear on the cover page no matter what modifications you have made to it. Every APA cover page will always have the title of the essay right at the top of the page as the first item. When you take a glance at the title page, you need to know what the essay is all about. The title should be a brief and precise sentence and not a paragraph. Avoid being too wordy as this will not make a good title for your essay.
  • The faculty or department
It is necessary to include the faculty or department you are affiliated to. This will help the reader to understand your point of view on different views based in your academic background. Some people include the name of the university while others find this unnecessary.
  • The name of the supervisor and date of submission
It is common to find the title and the name of the supervisor that the paper was presented to on the cover page. Some institutions demand that you include the date of submission. However, at least the year of submission is necessary since it will be helpful in case someone wants to refer to your work in the future.
These are just a few of the common items on the cover page. There are so many other things that you can include as well as exclude.

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