Friday, 12 October 2012

Current APA format

It is necessary to find out from your instructor what the Current APA format is according to your specific institution. What one person considers being the Current APA format is not necessarily so for another person. The Current APA format has several variations. However, there are some key basic factors about APA that remain the same even in the Current APA format.
For example, the APA format citation can never change. APA format citation requires that there has to be in text citation. In APA format citation, you will have to cite the sources of your ideas in brackets within the paragraphs. The APA format citation also requires that the essay must end with a bibliography. This is a list of all the references that you would have quoted within the paragraphs.
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There are a few factors that are a bit different in the APA format used by people in different contexts. These are the areas where the APA rules are not so stringent and so one can modify them to suite them. On the other hand, there are some aspects that cannot change. Here are a few examples:

  1. The title page is one such area. The contents of the title page have been modified by almost every institution to suit their own needs. There are some people that will require their scholars to include the date of submitting their work and the name of their supervisor. For some institutions, this is unnecessary. However, as you go through various samples you will realize that the title of your essay must always be present and it must appear at the top of the page as the first item on the title page. This is obviously so that by just one glance someone will know what your essay is about.
  2.   It is expected that any document written in APA must be double spaced. This is a rule that can never change. The paragraphs also have to be aligned left and indented. This rule always applies no matter what institution you are affiliated to.
  3. Some institutions require that the page numbers appear at the bottom of the page. Some people will insist that for APA format, the page numbered have to appear at the top left side of the page. However regardless of the style that the different institutions subscribe to they all require that when writing in APA format, the pages have to be numbered.
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