Friday, 12 October 2012

APA format

The APA format is commonly used by scholars in the social sciences. The APA format is used by people writing essays in the fields of psychology, education, sociology etc. The APA format has been found to be best suited for soft sciences. APA format is also easy to learn and with a lot of practice it becomes part of your normal writing practice.
It is common to find students asking ‘what is APA format for an essay?’ the question what is APA format for an essay, has been answered numerously on the internet. With the internet, research has become easy and you can easily key in the words what is APA format for an essay.
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into your search engine and get your answer. The question what is APA format for an essay, has also been answered in most text books that explain the origin of the term and the academic writing style.
So what does the APA format require when you are doing academic writing?
  1. The basic rules of any other academic writing style apply even when you are using APA format. For example, basic rules like you have to use excellent grammar and spelling will apply even in this case. You will need to come up with a good title and present your arguments in a logical manner.
  2.    In APA format, you have to ensure that all your work from the top cover to the last page is done in double spacing. Between every sentence, there has to be a double space.
  3. APA requires that all the academic sources you use while carrying out your research have to be cited. The citation has to be done within the text and also at the end. When citing references within the text, you will need to include only the author’s name and the year of the publication. The rest of the details will be included when you are listing your sources on the last page. The reference list has to be arranged in alphabetic order depending on the authors’ names.
  4. When using APA format, all your pages have to be numbered. The numbering styles are numerous since some institutions allow their scholars to place the numbers at the bottom of the page while others recommend the left top of the page. It is important to find out from your instructor what your institution prefers the most.
  5.     The margins of your document should be even. The top, bottom, left and right margins should have the same width.
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